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Chaplain’s Corner: How Wonderful Is Love like This?

Chaplain’s Corner: How Wonderful Is Love like This?

Chaplain Bill Wolfe / Llano County Sheriff’s Department

Hey! You came back for more of the Chaplain’s Corner. I must of said something right.

Last time I wrote about love as described in the book of I Corinthians in the New Testament of the Bible and question: “Does our love measure up?” I went on to open my Bible to the concordance in the back and looked at the Scripture references for love. As I read through the verses in Psalms that contain the word love, I noticed the descriptive words attached to God’s love: great, wonderful, enduring and unfailing.

God’s love is great. God doesn’t do things in a small way or half-heartedly. Likewise, His love isn’t tentative or conditional. He loves us a lot.

God’s love is wonderful. Ever heard someone say, “The best thing that ever happened to me was when [whoever] fell in love with me”? When we experience the love of someone who truly loves us, it is a wonderful feeling. Knowing and experiencing God’s love is wonderful.

God’s love is enduring. That means that His love keeps on keeping on. God’s love towards us doesn’t diminish over time or come to an end. Whether we’re 25 or 75 (or 55), God loves us as much as He did the day we were born. We may not have loved God all our lives, but He has always loved us.

God’s love is unfailing. At least 24 times the term unfailing is paired with God’s love in the Book of Psalms. Unfailing and enduring go together and express the certainty that any time we seek God, we will find He always loves us. We may go through hard times, times that try our faith, but we will not find a time that He stops loving us. We may feel that God doesn’t love us; we may think that God doesn’t love us, but His Word declares that that will never be the case.

For love to be experienced, it has to be communicated and expressed. On Valentine’s Day, we make an effort to communicate and express our love to those special to us. We should do that year ’round, but we make a special effort to do it on Valentine’s Day. We send cards and letters, and some of us make an annual visit to the florist. God has sent “valentine’s” messages through the written Word we call the Bible. Throughout its pages we read about God’s love for us.

Those terms, “great, wonderful, enduring and unfailing,” while describing God’s love for us, also describe His Son – love personified. Jesus came to show us what true love was all about. He didn’t just talk the talk, He lived it and He died to show us that He meant it. Sometimes within ourselves we feel that we have a “great and wonderful” love for someone and believe that it will never end, and suddenly something happens and we find an end to that love – it fails. That never happened with Jesus’ love. The time came when Jesus’ love was put to the ultimate test, and He endured it; His love didn’t fail. His love for us – you and me – is what took Him to the Cross. It’s an enduring love that is still offered to us today.

But just as sometimes our love is rejected by the person we love dearly, God’s love has been rejected time and again by people all through the years. And like us, He is hurt and saddened by the rejection. In our case, eventually the feelings of love we have towards the one who rejected us fade. That person may come back to us sometime in the future, only to find that we can no longer hold out to them the love we once had. But it isn’t so with God. Any time we realize that we’ve made the mistake of rejecting His love, we can turn around and run to Him, asking His forgiveness. When we do, we will find that His wonderful, great love for us is still there.

Thanks for riding with me again this “shift.” Catch you again next time. Until then: blessings to you and yours.

Chaplain Bill

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