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Is your Peace Officer authority enforceable throughout the U.S.

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Do your powers of authority enable you to enforce laws anywhere throughout the U.S. even while off duty? Say you're a Deputy Sheriff in California and you travel to New York; can you make an arrest?? I wouldn't see why you couldn't but I just want the facts and not my own speculation.


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A LEOs authority comes from statute, in NY it would be section 1.15 for Police Officers and section 2.10 of the NYS Criminal Procedure Law. If your office or title isn't listed in these sections you have no statutory authority to act as a Police or Peace officer in the State of NY. Each state's laws or constitution would have something similar. So, the short answer is no, a Deputy from Cali could only make a citizen's arrest in NY. The only ones that would have the authority to make arrests throughout the US are Federal Officers.

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