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~I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!~

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Posted about 9 years ago


If this is the WRONG place to post this, PLEASE let me know for the next time, okie dokie???? lol.

Since one of my former best friends, ever in the entire world, is a fallen comrade, I wanted to tell you all AGAIN, how much I appreciate the role of Law Enforcement/Public Safety in our society.

Let's fact it, our society has been going downhill for awhile, and people are not half as nice as they used to be and there are some really dangerous and ugly acting people out there....urgh.

Needless to say, you ALL put your LIVES on the LINE EVERY time you GO TO WORK!!!!

Also, alot of people in the public, don't really like you all too much and I would imagine, even being off duty has it's dangers....urgh.

Anyway......I salute each and every one of you and I wanted to let you all know that EVERY single time I hear a siren, I SEND UP A PRAYER FOR THE DRIVER OF THE CAR or vehicle in there...for their safety and safe return home to their friends and/or famlies.....!!!!!

I attend the Public Safety meetings in my city and last month they told me that Nationwide, LEO deaths have gone UP 29%......=o( Even a BETTER reason to pray for you all!!!

Take care, God Bless you all and

"let's be careful out there"
(Hill Street Blues)

I am a female, lol.

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Thanks Sunshine, Appreciate it!