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Posted almost 3 years ago


I want to become a Georgia State Trooper, but I'm a member of the National Guard. I would like to know if it's possible to go through trooper school and leave for drill weekends. I also saw that you need 90 quarter hours of college. Can I get an associate's in something else other than criminal justice (as a backup plan) for that requirement? Would it be a smart idea to get a job at the prison for a little experience while I go to college, even though its not actual patrolling experiencing?              


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I can answer one of the questions for you. Yes, it's possible to attend the academy and still do your Drill Weekends. I did, but I was in a Law Enforcement Academy sponsored by the State Patrol, so it was not the actual Patrol Academy. Federal Law allows you to attend Military Drill without it affecting your school or employment. On the other side of that coin, check with your unit about a leave of absence to attend the academy. Most Military units permit that.

Good luck.

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I will give my standard response. Axe the agency. We do not know. You may be getting ahead of yourself. Have you even applied?


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I was in the Michigan State Police Academy some19 years ago and we had people in the guard at that time also.  I don't know what was worked out for the academy but they were accommodated (somewhat) in the FTO portion of their training and their schedules once they were out of their training.

As for the college thing. . . . .get your degree in something besides criminal justice.  Business degree, psychology, accounting are some of the degrees one can consider.  Business if you choose to go up the ladder so you know how a large business would be run since government is a large business style agency.  Psychology to understand why people do the things they do and accounting so you can follow the money when investigating white collar crimes.  These are just a small sampling of the possibilities and reasonings but as Uncle Dennis suggests, ask the agency what they would like to see.  The criminal justice degree should not be needed since the academy is going to teach you in just a few short months what it would take a college 2 years to teach you about criminal justice. 

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