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Posted almost 3 years ago


 I worry about the safety of Officers and the families of the THIN BLUE LINE.

In the Current mindset, the death toll from Siucide to Traffic Accidents . From Shooting Victims

To rarely dying of old age.

We need to be the side of the blue line

That holds up the end if the promise.

Look out and keep me safe, I have your back


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Rated +1 | Posted almost 3 years ago


This is a worthy topic in terms of the expressed sentiments.  Not sure about the 'rarely dying of old age' part.  True, pressure leading to suicidality is a risk of the profession - like other high-stress professions.  It should only prompt officers to take excellent care of their emotional health. 

Traffic accidents do take the highest toll.

It hurts to lose a police officer to the ravages of  pressure, the split-second error or to the evil acts of society.  The Officer Down memorials might lend the idea that police officers are dying right and left, but LEOs are THRIVING!

I mourn the dear officers we lose and I am happy for the vast, vast majority of dear Officers UP!!!

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