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Theft From Charity

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Posted about 1 year ago


I am sure I am wasting my time,however time is all I have.

My daughter was murdered,intellectually I know there was nothing I could have done,however emotionally I kick myself daily for failing her.

I tried to set up a charity in her name so that her name would live on in deeds and actions,a truly evil woman stole millions from that charity.

I will not explain it all here I have explained it time and time again and at best all I get is blah blah blah,somebody steals a Mars Bar blah blah blah would be fine,however I would expect more than blah blah blah at the theft of millions from charity.

This woman is providing sexual favors for a retired politician and he protects this abomination from prosecution.

Children have died due to this woman stealing funds that should have provided food and meds for them.

Does anybody know any dirty words like Honor and Integrirt?,Moral outrage please.



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Bring this to the attention of your local media (television investigative reporter), newpaper or talk radio station.  They love to investigate things like this and they are very eager to attack politicians who are doing things like that which you are alleging here.....

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Retleo is right on. Make sure you have your ducks in a row. Make sure you don't end up on the defendant side of a civl matter.

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 I am very sorry for your unimaginable loss. We have some very intelligent members here with some good advice.