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Posted about 3 years ago


 Hi all,

I'm new to law enforcement and relatively new to patch collecting. I have a very small collection and I'm looking to expand it.

I have a bunch of shoulder patches from the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety that I'm interested in trading. I'd prefer to trade for patches from other Big Ten universities or Michigan agencies, but I'm open to whatever you have available. All of my patches have never been used and I'll glad send pictures.

Let me know if you're interested and we can set something up!

Thanks and stay safe out there!





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Please check out my page of patches. Altho I am making a 9/11 quilt so if you have one i need for one you want...ok Annie

Please check out and Child Victim ID. Program


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I am curious if you are a police officer. I am not comfortable with civilians collecting police patches. Since you are a new member please tell us a little about yourself. Keep in mind we are a suspicious bunch. Thanks in advance.I am also curious of your time of service as a police officer.