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Posted over 3 years ago


     I frequently go to You Tube to hear my favorite tunes.Today I discovered something I believed to be awesome/fantastic.Perchance I'm too soft hearted.I tried to get this transfered to Police Link but it would not accept it.---This is for all who feel sorry for themselves or feel that life is too rough--In May 2001 ,in Manchester,New Hampshire a youngster-Christopher Duffley was born at just 26 weeks,weighing just 1.6 lbs. He was rejected by his Mother,a foster home and an Aunt till a loving couple adopted him.It was discovered he is blind and autistic.His Mother started him on music.You may wish to do yourselves a favor by clicking on the story of his life,then go to youtube and hear this amazing youngster sing songs like Lean On Me--Ave Maria--Love Lifted Me--The National Anthem and I'll Be There.Would he win on America's Got Talent? Perchance not,but he'll steal your heart......Dave


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Thanks Dave...

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