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do any of you have a K-9 I wonder of this do you train along with the K-9 or are they trained then you learn to handle them. And when the K-9 is to retire do you get to keep the K-9 or can they go to someone like me CIVILAIN or are they put down if no one wants them.

What are they trained to do to attack for bombs for guns for drugs for???.......

I like the bomb dog my husban's brother has he is so nice a big baby He is a black lab. He had another bomb dog sithy she was trained to attack and drugs and bombs but while he had her in the air port ( he was a airport cop) a girl came running by him I am not sure of adult female or young female anyhow she bit the girl he had to let her go back for more training and is now with some one else but of last I heard she is doing well and happy where she is.



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If you give this much thought I imagine you can answer your own questions. Google can assist. Why not axe your brother-in-law. I bet he can answer your questions. What do you think K9's do. Relax.


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Bump UncaD,

With the internet, searching for information has never been easier.


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