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Posted almost 2 years ago


For the past few years I have given quite a lot of thought to becoming a LEO. I realized that due to the life experience and stress of the job that I would wait until I got a little older and had been out of high school for a while to mature. When I turned 18 I was hired as a firefighter and have been one for 2 years now and have really enjoyed it. I work on a really busy department and love running fire calls but to be 100% honest, I really dislike and sometimes hate the medical side. Bodily waste just disgusts me and makes me sick to my stomach when I walk into a room and the air smells rotten. I know I am not the only one because I have seen seasoned FFers run outside and throw up. I have to say that the hardest part about the job so far was when I walked into the interview room and had 8 people looking at me. I nearly choked but I calmed down after the first couple questions and started hammering the questions away.

I have been re-evaluating priorities and have been giving thought about where I see myself later in life and honestly I think it is in LE. I have been looking around for a small town with very few calls. As much as running lots of calls is a rush, I have learned that excitement is not always the best thing. I will probably also have a family down the road and I don't want my kids to be exposed to the big city shenanigans while I am working insane overtime and trying to deal with a failing marriage and kids that barely know me. I don't know if any police chief out there would take me seriously if I told them I wanted a quiet town and I am an amped up looking 20 year old that always responds with "Sir" and "Ma'am."

What was it like for the guys here that went from a big city to a small town? Does it feel so boring that it can feel depressing riding around for hours with nothing to do or is it enjoyable? I am a huge outdoors person and where I am looking at moving, I would definitely have a lot of activities just minutes away from the town.


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Stay where you are and seek a reserve position.


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 You may think that the call volume may be was down due to the size of the agency and size of the jurisdiction. But a call is a call.

And, many of those small town calls still deal with dead bodies, reeking living folks and lost of  miscellaneous oddiferous creepy crawly things. I had a deputy sheriff academy cadet graduate the academy and quit within 3 weeks. As the new rookie, he had been given all the coroners calls...all 12 of them in three weeks. He told me later that he did not expect police work to be that cruddy. He returned to the civilian world as a ..... grocer.

Whether you have 3 calls a month or 45 waiting everytime you logon for swing shift, it's the same work. You only do one call at a time.

An oh, about the overtime. Make sure you craft your household around a budget that does NOT include overtime. That is a huge mistake many officers make. Yeah, they drive a new POV (personally owned vehicle) BUT they don't have time to drive it because ....they are working over time. Very burdensome to make regular overtime part of your everyday living expenses.

We had flooding in our area years ago. I was on motors at the time and everyone worked 'round the clock. We piled into cars two-deep during the heaviest downpours. One slept and one kept watch. It was how we worked it. All said and done, I made enough FEMA overtime to take my entire family to Disney World for 10 days. Awesome. That kind of OT is different. State emergency stuff. It started, it ended, ... that was that. Great check, though. 

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Stay where you are.....being a cop is not an escape route or a easy way to make a living its a profession...I suggest suck it up stay where you are !!

"Sleep until your hungry, eat until your tired"...a little cop humor!!