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I would like to join LE, need help!!

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 Hi All 

i live in South Africa, in my final year of a double major in CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND CRIMINOLOGY and CHILD AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. I intend on immigrating to USA and to work in law enforcement. Through research i have noticed that many disgruntled citizens are very unhappy and opposed to the idea of an "outsider" protecting them and i can understand their point of view but please understand i DO NOT intend on staying there temporarily. I intend on becoming a full citizen and calling the United states "home". On another note i have also seen through research that the path i intend on taking is very hard and near impossible (immigrant working in LE). I will however appreciate any HELPFUL and POSITIVE input.

Infomation that would be helpful could include such things as, states/departments accepting non-citizens into the force, other jobs that accept immigrants along the lines of justice/law enforcement/corrections that i could work in while working towards my citizenship, what visa i would need in order to live and work while in the process of becoming a citizen, what i could do in the meantime back in south africa to start the process of immigrating and any other help that could be helpful will be greatly appreciated

thank you very much in advance 


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 You will not be able to be an officer in any capacity until you are an American citizen. No exceptions.


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First thing first...

You can volunteer I believe in any department. You learn about the department and what that department does for their city. Ask your local police department about volunteering. You learn a lot and it's the best way to put your foot into the door.

What you said about immigrants how people don't like them having them work as LE... Not true.. Only thing you need to do is get your citizenship.. There are two different things or ways you can look at this... Any department and also community that you end up working for like the fact that your not just a different race but you know a different language. That is the best part... Not too many people know other languages. Also, another thing is that you will have your degree soon and that will put you a head vs. other people. Also, another good thing is departments look at the fact that you can get along with other people. Going to college helps you become more of a people person and understanding others around you.

I have about two friends who were immigrants one of them became a citizen when he was little and went into the marines to serve our country. An my other friend who was born and raised in south American is starting the process of getting his citizenship soon to become a cop. He's also is almost done with school.

I hope this helped you and I wish you best of luck on getting your citizenship and also with finishing school.


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Concentrate your efforts on obtaining your citizenship. as a retired Chief of Police I can assure you being a volunteer is a total waste of time. It is not the best way to get your foot in the door. Hard work and education is the answer. This is your opportunity to help yourself. I wish you well.