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Thinking about joining while in college

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Hey guys, I've been thinking about applying to several police departments around my neck of the woods, and I needed a little advice. I'm currently in school, working on a bachelor's in Finance. I have a few semesters before I complete my degree but I was thinking about jumping the gun and applying to Dallas PD. My question is, would you guys agree with applying, and then finishing up the degree while working (after the academy, of course) or finishing up school first, then applying. I do realize that a degree makes you more competitive, so that would be one reason to finish up school. I also have military service under my belt. I guess I'm impatient, and would really like to get the ball rolling and my feet wet. Thanks in advance, folks.  

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If you apply while in college you will obviously have to drastically alter your class schedule,if and when you are accepted.An academy will demand your FULL TIME attention and that's a promise.You will definately NOT know ahead of time when your many tests for the job will be scheduled or when your academy will begin.Many of us have had this same question to mull over.I did the vast majority of my college after I came on the job,as many,many others have done.Rome wasn't built in a day.I'm cognizant that the youth want everything NOW.