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Just got back from my first ride along

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Posted almost 4 years ago


Hey guys, just got from my first ride along tonight. I'll admit that it wasn't as long as I was expecting, about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. However, I learned a tremendous amount and the officer I went with was incredibly nice and took the time to explain not only what he was doing but why he was doing it. 

Some things I took away were:

-Make a positive experience with people in the community because they are more likely to tell you about things then if you were being a jerk to them.

-Unless there are multiple sources reporting a break in, ie a home invasion was reported by neighbors and the alarm company then don't rush to the scene with sirens blazing. On the ride along tonight a situation like this happened and was cancelled a couple minutes. So if we were racing to the location pushing people off the road it would have been for no reason and could have possibly caused an accident.

-The officers word is absolute. I have read about some people who have gone on ride alongs where the officer allowed them to get out of the vehicle. I was able to get out once or twice but when I wasn't able to he was nice enough to leave his window down so I could hear what was going on (even though I couldn't really hear them anyways haha)

-People talking on the radio are kind of hard to hear. Not sure if it's just me but half the time I couldn't understand what was being said over the radio. I was able to hear the dispatcher very clearly but some officers were hard to hear

-Keep what I saw private. I told some family members and friends I was going for a ride along and wouldn't you know they ask me how it went after and what I saw. Well I didn't indulge their curiousity at all. I don't think people would want me to talk about them. 

-Observation skills are key. You aren't always going to be sent to an incident, sometimes the incident comes to you..keep sharp eyes out and look for things that aren't in place.

I learned a bunch of other things including how they book people and what not but overall the experience was very pleasent. The officer was down to earth and we could both agree that the job isn't all about chasing people down and shooting bad guys. I plan to go on moreride alongs  in the near future and hope to become a LEO one day. Thank you to the officer that I rode with and thanks for reading about my experience. 


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Looks as though you handled your first ride-along perfectly and that you listened and learned key things.Absolutely correct about the use of siren and lights,it's a rare occasion ,but looks good in the Hollywood flicks.Hope you remain interested,it's a fabulous vocation.


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Glad you enjoyed your experience. Don't know how big the city is where you live but I would suggest doing ride alongs with different agencies if possible (i.e city and county S/O). That way, you'd have a better understanding how different agencies operate. Every officer has a different opinion on ride alongs and I've been with both sides. Some don't mind riders but others hate them and only agree to having riders because they get OT out of it. I usually ride with officers I'm friends with. It makes the trip much better and I don't feel like a burden on the officers either.

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Iowa makes some good points. My best advice is do not ride to often. I would suggest every 60 days if with the same agency. Trust me, it is easy to overstay this welcome.