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Starting a K9 Unit

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Posted almost 4 years ago


Hey everyone,

I was looking for any resources that people have used for starting a K9 Unit at an agency. I'm looking for resources that show all the costs associated, including startup and the yearly costs after that, as well as information on grants, training, and suggestions on ways to solicit private donations from businesses and citizens in the jurisdiction. Just as a side note, this would be a drug dog, possibly tracking. The officer would not be an additional position to the department.



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I can give you a guideline...

Handler Training---If done in house or by another agency you can usually get it done for free.

Training Aids---We used to get em for free from the Florida Department of Law enforcement. Now we get em from the DEA. Cost is nominal.

Vehicle--For a drug dog you need a K9 heat alarm system ($1,500 bucks I think).  Kennel insert for the vehicle (different prices depending on where you go), and bolted in safes for secure transport of your training aids. (can be done by your maintence crew for your agency. Easy to make)

K9 Equipment---Nominal cost for a drug/tracking dog.

K9 Maintenance training--Depending on state, there is an accepted standard on training time per month.

K9 Home Care--Handler compensation (in money, or time off) for care and maintenace of the dog. Something that has to be agreed upon by handler and ageny but has to meet federal law for handler compensation.

 The heat alarm and kennel insert is your biggest cost for a drug dog. Not too bad really. Alot can be made up by seizures. Good luck.


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 If you're still looking for resources, has some specialized K9 inserts that can be used in existing police vehicles. They have a huge selection, so you can probably find an insert for your vehicle, and they can be installed fairly easily in just a couple of hours.