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What are friends for

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Posted almost 4 years ago


These two police officers are traveling through the upper Midwest in February, and they get caught in a snowstorm.

One of the cops notices a house up on hill and it's lights are on, and he says, "That looks like a farmhouse up there, let's go there and see if we can get out of this blizzard."

His friend agrees and up the hill they go. When they get to the farmhouse they are met at the door by a really nice lady. They explain to her that they are law enforcement officers, and ask if they can stay in the barn till the blizzard is over.

The lady tells them she is a widow who is living alone in this big farmhouse. She tells them there is plenty of room, and as they are police officers they can stay in the farmhouse.

So the two cops come inside and warm themselves by the fireplace. The widow cooks them a nice dinner and after eating, they all watch some television and then turn in for the night.

The next morning they discover the storm has passed and the roads are nice and clear. The widow cooks them a big breakfast, and after eating, they thank her for her hospitality and leave.

About six months later, one of the cops receives a registered letter from a law firm in the state where they stayed with the widow.

He calls his buddy over and asks, "Do you remember the night we stayed with that lady during that big blizzard?"

"Sure" his buddy replied. "Why?"

"Did you sneak into her room, make love to her and then give her my name as yours?"

"Well yes," his friend said "I did it because I'm married, while you're single and sleep around, so I didn't think you would mind."

"Naw that's fine," his buddy replied. "Just wanted you to know that she died and left me her farm, her house and her bank account. Thanks, now I can quit the force!"



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 I didn't see that one coming.  LOL.  


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 Good one !! LOL


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LOL - excellent.


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