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Albuquerque Police Patches

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Posted almost 2 years ago



I am a police patch collector and I am looking to add some to my Albuquerque Police collection. I am currently looking for the following:

Burglary Unit (officer)

Burglary Unit (supervisor)

CNT (officer)

CNT (supervisor)

Metro Dive Team (officer)

Metro Dive Team (supervisor)

Metro Dive Team BDU (officer)

Metro Dive Team BDU (supervisor)

Property Crimes (officer)

Property Crimes (supervisor)

Real Time Crime Center (officer)

Real Time Crime Center (supervisor)

Retired (officer)

Retired (supervisor) -- Not 100% sure this exists

School Resource Unit (officer)

School Resource Unit (supervisor)

SWAT (urban subdued)

SWAT (subdued/supervisor)

If anyone can be of any help, please email me @ I have a trade list available.

Thanks for your help,



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Rate This | Posted over 1 year ago


 My updated Albuquerque Police "want list":

APD (green w/ white letters)

Bomb Squad (black  gold)

Burglary Unit (black  silver & gold)

Burglary Unit (blue  silver & gold)

CIT (black  silver & gold)

CNT (blue  silver & gold)

CNT (black  silver)

Homicide Unit (blue  silver & gold)

Homicide Unit (both subdued versions)

Metro Dive Team (blue  silver)

Metro Dive Team (black  silver & gold)

Real Time Crime Center (silver & gold)

Retired (silver & gold)

School Resource Unit (silver & gold)

SWAT (green w/ gold letters)

Thank you,