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Gifts/Tributes and ratings

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Posted about 4 years ago


Hi, I am new to this site.n i have a few questions. I have received some gifts, which im thankful, but I have no idea what each one means/represents? Ones a shield is that for protection? etc etc. Also the tributes. Where do i get them. And finally. I read a story on Officer Down Group, and I think I rated it wrong . I thought we rated on how well the story was told- info etc. I apologize cause I think I rated it backwards it was Officer Toon. So if someone could fill me in I think ill have a better understanding of how this works. Thanks aGAIN. DEB  ......P.S I ALSO TRIED TO SEND MESSAGE TO ASK EDITOR BUT THERE WAS NO BOX TO WRITE IN .


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Relax and take a deep breath. You are overthinking this. Beer is beer. Coffee is coffee. You will figure it out.


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Marketing Rule #1

Respect your audience.