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San Antonio PD information/Other recommendations

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Posted about 4 years ago


Good afternoon everyone,

    I created a PL account a few years ago during my first enlistment (Navy), since then, I re-enlisted and PCSd to DC.  Since moving here I have been consumed with work and have been away from PL.  I am facing that tough decision once again on re-enlisting or separating.  My life long dream is to be a Police Officer and am really pushing to make that dream a reality.  I love the Navy and the miltary but I think it is my time to leave.  I'm still talking to my fiance before we make a definite decision, but I am about 2 years away from separation and want to start looking my new career now.

    I currently live in northern, VA but when I separate my fiance and I are pretty much open to moving any where.  With that being said, I have had my eye on San Antonio PD.  Everything I know about the city and area is very attractive, and my fiance has family in the area giving her first hand knowledge of the area.  My question is if anyone has any input or information that they can offer about the San Antonio PD or other departments in that area.  San Antonio right now is my number one idea for where I would like to go.  Also, since I am open to going just about anywhere, does anyone have any information about other locations and departments/agencies that they like or would recommend. 

    Thank you again for reading this post and offering any ideas, input, or information to me.  I appreciate your help and I look forward to talking more with you all in the future!


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I would remain in the military. With the economy departments are cutting back. Go to OCS and retire as a officer. Law enforcement is not what it once was.