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Posted about 4 years ago


 I am a divorced 36 year old single mother of four.  I have been thru a bad marriage and even worse divorce.  After my ex left me with most of our marital debt I had to file for bankruptcy....I am a stay at home mother trying to finish my bachelors degree in criminal justice while caring for my four children, the two boys being autistic...

I am looking at a pretty grim credit score due to the bankruptcy....I am wondering if I should even still purse a career to be a police officer from what I have read finance history is a big consideration.  

In an effort for my ex to keep his top security clearence he unloaded 90% of our debt onto me, I didn't know this until after he filed our divorce and I got the final decree.  I was dumb enough to think we could handle it between ourselves...what I found out was he had a jag lawyer write him an iron clad divorce and he changec things on the pages that just required initials.

In any case I guess I want to know if I should even bother.

also how hard is it to even get a job in law enforement....the articles I have read make it seem pretty difficult.


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Pretty simple. Axe the department. We are asked this question often. Check become a cop on this site.


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Every department is different.  Also things like your situation are explainable.  So I wouldnt look at your debt as deal breaker.

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