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Prayer and Support for Newton, CT First Responders

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Posted about 4 years ago


I received the following from:

The CENTURION Law Enforcement Ministry & Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers Newsletter

Prayer and Support for Newtown First Responders!

Thomas Peoples in Texas sent the following in reference to our Newtown (CT) brethren in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting:

In response to a letter I received in the mail, I am writing to you and asking you to pass it along to all officers of this great brotherhood.

Kim, who is a prior dispatcher wrote to me about the Sandy Hook incident and how on the news they were speaking of the difficulties that the officers were having and how many of them may never return to work due to the trauma which they were involved in. I know from listening that they have received countless letters form citizens showing their support, but in times like these we need to show them that their family behind the badge also supports them. We will never know how they truly feel but we can show our love and support and let them know that we are there for them. Offer to them words of encouragement and offer that friendly ear for them to call if for nothing more then to vent for a few minutes and someone to cry to. I am going to spread to word to my network and ask that you do the same and pass it along to any officers you might know who are willing to assist.

Please send all letters to:

Newtown Police Department

3 Main Street

Newtown, CT, 06470-2152

Thomas Peoples


Shadows of the Badge



Brothers and Sisters you are not alone! Please let me know if I can help in any way.


Chaplain Bob Margaron


Stockton Police Department

22 E. Market St.

Stockton, CA 95202

In His service,

Chaplain Bob Margaron


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Thank you for posting this, Chaplain! Indeed, we need to keep these First Responders in our Hearts and Prayers as well as the Families of the Victims and Faculty!


Topic moved to General Discussion, as discussed with Chaplain Bob.

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