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TOGB LE related shirts (FS) $15. Loranger, La. or online (

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Posted about 4 years ago


 Please visit our website at for more pictures of our products and more information about TOGB.

The Original Gang Bangers (TOGB) is a LEO owned company which designs and sells police related t-shirts with a sense of humor only a LEO could have...and a little bit of sarcasm. TOGB is not a non-profit organization, BUT, proceeds from the sell of our products (which will soon include hats and thin blue line stickers) do benefit certain charitable organizations. Proceeds from sales benefit Concerns Of Police Survivors (COPS), The Wounded Warrior Project, and St. Jude Children's Hospital, as well as making donations to local LEO's in need close to the TOGB headquarters in Louisiana. 

TOGB strongly believes in supporting the families of our fallen, the troops who serve us here and abroad, and the children who cannot defend themselves. (Just a few of the reasons we all became LEO's in the first place). Help us help them by placing an order for a shirt or two. In doing so, you can help us support these wonderful organizations and get a very nice quality t-shirt by showing your support. The shirts are $15 per shirt. Sizes 2XL and above are typically $3.00 more, but if you sign in and tell us you saw the add on PoliceLink, we'll sell you whatever size you need for $15. 

Thank you and God bless.