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Book referral from PL member McDonnald

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I just read this book and found it impossible to put down. I know Sparky and many of the men in the book as I worked for the AGs Bureau of Narcotics Investigations in late 80s and 90s first as a Regional Director and later as AIC of Internal Affairs. I always held the men from the Phila. PD in high regard and knew that their daily activities were usually much different than in most other parts of the State. Sparky has the ability to keep the reader on the edge of their seat and almost feel the same emotions and senses as the folks portrayed in the book, it is as though you are right there along with the guys as they go about their daily duties and I can tell you for a fact that it is as real as it gets. What a movie this book would make. Real cops and drug agents doing things on a daily basis that most people could not even imagine in their more civilized and comfortable lives. Kudos to Sparky Mclaughlin for writing a real life story of the travails of honest, hardworking, dedicated cops.

Check out Amazon...The book is named Damned from Memory, authored by Sparky Mclaughlin. It's available in paperback.

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Thank Sir, I miss those days and I am now working on the Kindle version and then the sequel


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I will delete the post you asked me to put up.

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