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Joining the FBI/JSO

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 I am 16 and in tenth grade and i am thainking about a creer in the fbi i heard that military experience is a plus but i can't be in the mililitary so i was thinking about johning the JSO. i heard that johing  law enforcement is also a plus so  when i get into college i would joining jso than after a couple years tranfers into jso swat team and then go into fbi S.A and so on . I would go for four years to get a ba in criminal justice as a side note as well as a foregin language. Or i could get four yeas in college in criminal justice & foregin language  and go strate into the fbi what do you thank would be better for geting into the fbi. as another side note my gole is to get into fbi hrt or hostage rescue team

                                Thanks Andrew 

Ps. sorry if i spelled something wrong 


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First off, welcome to Police Link.  Sixteen years of age and setting a path to a goal, congratulations!  Asking for advice on this career path is also commended since, I'm sure that someone on here that is in a federal agency will be able to assist you with a more refined career path than I would be able to. . . .since I only made it to a state police trooper position.  As you can imagine, the qualifications for the position I held, is a bit different than what you are shooting for.

From my limited knowledge, this is the information that I have gleaned along the way.  First off, federal law enforcement agencies have age brackets. . . . .21 to 37.  If you miss the high end, (from my understanding) you can still get in. . . . .but you have to have a specialty that they are in need of and an age deferment from some high up kulkamunga in human resources.

Federal law enforcement agencies almost inevitably require a 4 year degree of some sort and it does not have to be criminal justice.  Some other degrees you may wish to check into with a recruiter would be accounting (for white collar crimes), business degree(s) (if you wish to move up the ladder), psychology and I'm sure there are others that would be just as helpful.  Something to consider would be an accounting major with a business minor or something else as a major but the business degree as a minor.

Not knowing your meaning of "JSO", am I correct in assuming that it stands for a local Sheriff"s Department?  If that is to be only a temporary stop over for your trip to the feds. . . . . I would probably get a little more information on what is involved with that department.  In Michigan, as with many states, the "new guy" in a Sheriff's Department does not get certified for road work until AFTER they have spent time in the jail as a turn key and only after a spot opens up on the road AND THEY ARE NEXT IN LINE do they get to move to the road.  If you are only looking for a short stop over, you may wish to put yourself through a local academy when you get close to 21, get your certification and go to work for a city department. . . .even if it is only part time, if road work is your intended goal.  Working the jail is a DARN good place to LEARN how to deal with people that aren't really friendly to you, but if the road is what you seek. . . .you could be there a while.

The military is a good choice to learn discipline and will usually up your qualification points A LITTLE BIT. . . .but is usually not necessary to get the job.  If you go into the military right out of high school, I THINK you can get into the MP's at 18. . . .I THINK. . . .NOT SURE.  You will have to ask someone that has been there and done that.

Finally. . . . .take all of the english and/or writing classes you can.  Your spelling and grammer could use a little work.  I'm not going to say that you need to use bigger words, but you will find over time that how you structure sentences and your ability to spell can either be impressive or a detriment to a potential job position.  It shows a potential employer your maturity and your attention to detail which, in police work, can either make or break your career.

Good luck in your endeavors and again, welcome to PL.

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 Thanks for the advice and yes jso stands for Jacksonvile sheriff office I would start at when i was 21 at the adcademy. And stay for about 5 years give or take try to get into there swat team before going into the fbi.