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Genesis 5

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Posted over 4 years ago


Chapter 5 of Genesis is not very long.  It contains the male descendants of Adam all the way to Noah.  There are a few things in this chapter that I find interesting. 

1. Since Adam, man began to (more or less) live a shorter amount of time.  I know there are a couple of exceptions, but on average, shorter lives.  What are your thoughts on the reason for this?

2. Enoch.  We read that he "walked with God" which means he pleased God.  Then we read that he "was not."  This is translated to mean he was not found.  Then we see that "God took him."  How amazing is that?  To be so close to God that He doesn't even allow you to die but just takes you out of the world?  What are your thoughts?

3. The name 'Noah' means 'rest.'  When Noah was born and named, his father stated that he - Noah - would be the one who would "bring relief" to them.  What do you think he meant by this?  And how do you believe the relief came?