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K9 Certification Seminar

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The 2012 Harriman Police K9 Certification Seminar will be held in Harriman TN on October 1-5, 2012.  Guest instructors from Vohne Liche Kennels.  NNDDA and AWD certifications will be available.  This will be a 40 TN POST approved course.  EVOC, CSA, MI and firearms are available to satisfy all TN POST yearly requirements. 

WHEN: October 1-5, 2012 (K9 only date October 2-4)

WHERE:  Harriman TN (approximately 45 minutes west of Knoxville)

COST: $295.00 per team plus certification costs.  Group discount for 6 teams or more.

LODGING:  Local hotel offering government rates of $55.00 a night.  \

MISSION:  The Harriman Police Department K9 Certification Seminar is held in early fall annually in Harriman TN.  The main purpose is to allow K9 teams to obtain certifications.  We also focus on tactical scenarios and problem solving.  We believe that the more you bleed in training, the less you bleed in battle.  Producing tactically sound handlers allows the teams to remain safe while performing a dangerous job.  We encourage all Police, Military and private contractor handlers to attend.  

Please call the Harriman Police Department at 865-882-3383 for more information.

Please email me at for more information.