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Personal History questions

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Posted over 4 years ago


New to the forum, any answers from actual experience would be appreciated:


First off, does utilizing websites like PublicSafetyTesting eliminate (at least initially)  the need for applying to each department in person?  Are there benefits to applying in person aside from the fact that some may not be part of that network?


I know all departments are different in their requirements.  I plan on researching my past history through all avenues.  Being 39 years old, should I be concerned with researching any disciplinary actions regardless of severity throughout jr. high and high schools?  How about a credit report?  I am quite sure I have had at least one NSF check in my lifetime, and may have even had a collections judgement for under 100 dollars, but this would have been 20+ years ago.

I also know of two previous employers from 20+ years ago, but I have zero information other than the name of the company.  Would I be remiss if I did not include these on any past history statement?  Fast forward to now, I have worked for my current employer for ten years, but it is a small company and there is no delineation between HR, boss and manager.  I believe that any knowledge of my desire to leave would be of serious conflict to them.  How do I approach this subject as it pertains to a PHS?  Is this going to be a black mark on my history if I initially ask that they not be contacted?  

My final dilemma is that I have a son and an ex girlfriend.  She has full custody, but I am an active part of his life.  She has two sides, the happy side and the since I didn't get my way today, you will suffer side.  I do my best to appease her without needlessly allowing myself to be abused.  She knows in her heart, that I am a good person and father, but continues to abuse her status in an effort to get what she wants.  I just want to pay my support and have my hand in raising a wonderful boy.  She wants to control.  What should I actively be doing to ensure any of this does not affect my future in LE?  This last question is by far the most important to me as it will probably require the most attention.

thanks to all and please, lets limit responses to actual relevance to your experience.


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Regarding a Personal History Statement: Answer the inquiries and fill in the boxes to the best of your ability. Do not lie or misrepresent.

Regarding your son and ex-girlfriend: If the PHS asks about them, then answer. No need to give excuses or create a comment that needlessly needs yet another answer.

For information, I knew the folks who did the follow-up on the PHS's. Generally, they were talented, tenacious and dug pretty deep to get the most accurate profile of you that was available.

Also, for your edification, check what you look like on the internet. How do you present yourself on social media sites? Are you an idiot or a respected part of the community? Do you post photos that would embarass an agency? Do you use potty mouth and display unsocial bias? Would your comments reflect poorly on any discrimination policy for any agency?


Check out the Facebook page. It was established in 2008.

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Rate This | Posted over 4 years ago


Aside from being thorough, and answering all the questions, KISS sems to apply.  I am still curious to know the collective response to using structured testing such as PST and the like vs. applying to each department in person?  Are there benefits to applying in person aside from the fact that some may not be part of that network?


Regarding my ex, my concern stems more from the fact that investigators will contact her sooner or later.  I know it is a good idea for everyone involved with me to know they will be contacted.  I am concerned that she may decide to play spoiler when they call.  Or worse yet, try to use the fact she could to further pressure me into getting her way.


I suppose I know the two possible answers already. 


I am not a big user of social media sites as a conduit for my views.  Kind of like bumper stickers, I have one supporting those who fight for freedom.  That is all.


Sarge, thanks for your response