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Poll: Cruising Cops

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Poll: Would you go on a ALL Law Enforcement & Family Cruise?


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Posted over 4 years ago


 Hey guys...I am a retired CHP officer and have recently begun a NEW BUSINESS with my husband who is also a retired So. Calif. cop.  

I am starting this forum because WE are thinking of starting a GROUP Cruise JUST FOR COPS AND THEIR FAMILIES.  NO Badge Bunnies allowed - PERIOD!  If we get enough support we could actually rent a Whole Cruise Ship out....just imagine a SHIP full of All Cops and their families!!  

Anyways, we are just in the planning stage now so I need ur help.  

All Passengers would have to verified as true LEO's.


If we put this cruise together and save a HUGH Block of cabins [which gives GREAT discounts and amenities] how many of you would seriously entertain going - seriously?  A cruise would most likely be going off the West Coast and be an Alaskan 7-10 night voyage.  This would be slated for Summer 2013!   -- OR -- if we get a massive response we could also entertain another Cops Cruise off of Florida to the Caribbean in Spring 2013.  We will see!!!!  

All details would be put together and announced if this is something that is supported by u.  

This would be a Nationwide Champaign for all LEO's.  Retired or Active!

We need u to respond, as well as your fellow officers, within the next 2 weeks.

We are so excited about this Special Cruise that we believe you will be too.

Please check out our websites at:

If anyone has any questions please feel free to call us at:

Local: 1.951.291.9223

Toll Free: 1.877.7 GO CRUISE

Happy Sailings!

Michael and Marie Siemens

Ret. CHP


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Rated +1 | Posted over 4 years ago


My wife and I have been on two cruises so far,and we would LOVE to be part of this.I will call you for more information.

God bless you and have a nice day.


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Thanks Mark for the call today.

I guess you and my hubby [Michael] had a great conversation.

I am sure we can help you with your cruise.

We'll take good care of you and your wife.

Thank you for your interest towards this cruise but I just dont think it is a very popular idea at this point.

I would of never thought that this idea would crash and burn...thought it was a fantastic idea to market to but I guess not!

IF you can stimulate some feedback and maybe put it out there for others to see then maybe it might work...have posted this in a couple different area's on PoliceLink and basically got ZERO support until you called.

Also, I just put in a Friend Request to you.

Talk soon

Marie Siemens

Ret. CHP


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I missed this topic two months ago!  I think this would be a wonderful cruise.  I have been on one cruise and can't wait for the next one.  That may have to wait a while because my oldest daughter is getting married next year! 



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