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Hi im 23 years old i took the tests and passed them all for the lake county sheriff correctional officer. It started in 2011. In nov 2011 i was walking home from a friends house had a few drinks well it was cold so I knocked on someones door to help me cause I fell in a creek. They took me in gave me something warm to drink and a blanket. I told them to call the police to get me home. well when they came they arrested me for public intox and criminal mischeif! it cost my parents 1500.00 for bond and 1250 for atty. and to top it off this happened the day before my oral interview!. The sgt called and asked why i missed it, my dad told them what happened and she said was sorry to hear that. The next day my parents bonded me out and my ma got a call from the sgt if i wanted to still do oral interview, so they saw me the next day and said get all this cleared by hiring and u will be fine. so we got the felony criminal mischief dropped I plead guilty to public intox and they gave me 6 mos probation. no show probation just 2 AA meetings a week and send in copy at end of month to P.O. fficer my probation ends sept 9 in a few months. So may 30 I took the polygraph passed with flying colors. told me psyche test was next then physical. I said cool, well I got a letter 2 days ago that I am not being hired after Merit board looked over my app again! so i sent email to them and the response was to reapply because they are in desparate need of officers and they so happen to be giving out apps again thurs. still no reason why. all i can think of is because I still have 2 mos left to probation. So I have to decide after putting my life on hold a year and passed everything am I gonna do this all over agin. I really need some input on this because I am just devastated. could it be cause im still on probation? HELP!!!!


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You probably will not like my input but here goes anyways......

It sounds to me as though you are not making sound and mature decisions and not ready for this career path at this point in your life.  At 23 years old, I know that you are allowed to consume alcohol.  That said, when you knew you clearly had too much to drink, you should have called for a ride instead of attempting to walk home.  This would have prevented your fall into the creek, having to ask for the help of said resident and subsequently getting arrested for public intoxication and criminal mischief.  THIS on any given day (or night would have been bad enough....... you did it the night before your oral interview and while in the hiring process.  If you were on the hiring board, would the incident (as described by you) sound like this person used and executed sound judgement?  Imagine the embarrassment factor your father felt, having to explain to the department why you missed your oral interview.  I could not imagine putting my father in this situation.

You now have the insurmountable task of trying to correct this mark in your background before you attempt to re-apply.  You need to put some space between this incident and your next attempt(s).  You have to be able to explain this incident without minimizing the seriousness of the offense and your lack of sound judgement.  Even though you are by virtue of your age, considered an adult, you have some serious maturing to do.  You can do what you want and let the chips fall where they may.  That said, I would recommend that you take a serious look at your consumption of alcohol and how it relates to your ability to make sound judgements.  You might even consider getting sober.  NO, I am not saying that you are a drunk or an alcoholic.  I am saying that based on your story, your consumption of alcohol seriously diminishes your capacity to make good sound judgements.  What a shame it would be if this incident alone or similar incidents in the future ultimately prevent you from attaining your career goals.