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General Officer Safety for new cruisers

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Posted over 4 years ago


Hi everyone, I have been reading many articles as I'm sure many of you have in regards to officer deaths and injuries. My question is one that involves the safety of the new cruisers coming out.


Have any of the makers that you know of installed front bullet resistant glass and bullet resistant front door panels? My guess to this question is unfortuntaly no. I realize that your profession has alot of risks involved and that not every circumstance can be prevented. However, the cost of a life is priceless along with the friends, famlies and so on. For what? a few thousand dollars the officer(s) could of gotten a few more shots off and saved their live(s).


Maybe from being outside of being a LEO I'm being a little bit unrealistic with all the budget cuts and so fourth. However, through all my training (Associates in CJ, armed security, and 4 years experience) I have never heard of such a proposal even such as above. I mean, there are alot of additions in the new cruisers, but nothing that provides the officers additional bullet resistant protection.

Thanks, Rich


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They have been an option for patrol vehicles for a long time, both factory & aftermarket.

The problem is the cost of them and the added strain they put on the vehicle.


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Only on the Presidents Limo, lol.  No really, there is a company in Ogden Utah thaty will do this, but the real question is, are they cost effective.  Police cars pack on miles real fast and usually stay in the average fleet for a year or two.  This makes the cost almost prohibitive for most departments.

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