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Retired From K9 Unit

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Posted about 9 years ago


After 11 years as a k9 handler,i have recently retired my K9.He is 10 years old,and my first K9 didnt get started until he was 7.He died in 1999.I have enjoyed my years as a handler,and i will miss it.I have alot of other things going on now and i feel if you cant give it 100% move along.


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My sincere condolences on the loss of your first partner, and my hopes for a long life for your retired partner. Do you put glucosamine in his food? It saved my Shepherd's hips and along with a friend for him and Rimadyl from the vet, he lived to 14 1/2+ years old and was spunky until he stroked out.
A K-9 is the best partner you can have. Please try to help another K-9 I have been trying to find someone to adopt him. They have changed his profile, but he has two confirmed finds and is a search and rescue dog.
What division have you moved to? Take care of your old partner.


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What a huge change it is. Like a hole for me, I miss the people the most...but I feel like you... it is a job worthy of 100%. Man ,nothing was more evident than that while I was trying to keep up with all those new guys coming in as I hit 50...and running a hound!! I guess you get the picture. Congrats though on your next stage. I took a promotion..they tryed to talk me out of it. I wish they would have talked a bit harder...LOL. So me and my old partner just curled up on the couch together last summer and watched them take the kennels out. I miss my bloodhound, she was still active and in the midst of her glory days so they kept her...I raised and trained her from a pup. Well anyway , the very best to you. Deb