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Wounded but not giving up (K9)

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Posted over 4 years ago


Hello All,

My name is Johnathan, I am a Military Police Dog Handler for the Marine Corps. Last July i stepped on an IED in Afghanistan while sarching a compound with my dog. Unfortunatly i lost my lower right leg. I can still handle a dog. Ive been to a couple of the military K9 schols. and will be attending Vohne Liche. I wanted to be a Fish and Game K9 handler but in california a 20/40 uncorrected vision is required. Uncorrected im at 20/100 correcteed 20/40. Well I was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions on ways to go, school first? job? Im not sure if i could be cleared to be a police officer but anything with dogs i could do.Any suggestions, openings, anything just shoot me an email

Thanks Johnathan