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Flashlight Holder for bicycle cops

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Posted almost 5 years ago


Hello, I am a bicycle cop in San Diego.  I invented an idea to store your flashlight on the front fork.  I am putting my feelers out across the web.

I would like to find some officer's to field test the product.  If you would like to be part of the test market e-mail me through this site or if innapropriate through the site itself for the holsterlight. 

What's in it for you? the product at a substancial price reduction than what the web site says..

What's in it for me? after you field test it, I would appreciate your honest input to possibly be posted under a testimonial page.. 

I only have 50 holders in the first run. So far only three will be in the field, USBP, San Diego PD...(all friends).  Im am hoping they go to larger agencies across the country but I do not discriminate if your from a small team...I will only let 10 go out at the lower price.  All I ask is I can verify it's going to a actual team and not a troll who will sell it on ebay..

Please go to holsterlight .com for more information 

To the moderators; I read your rules and it does not appear I have violated them.  Although I have not filled out your verification to ensure I'm a cop, you have my info to quickly verify my status..I will fill out your form this weekend.  Im not even a company yet for the product..just a cop with an idea and testing the market to see if I wasted my families money or if I am on to something... 

Opinions are always welcome, Thank you for your time





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 Can't officers just zip tie a $10 flashlight holder to their front forks instead?

A really cool idea would be to include a dynamo generator and a bottle battery that would trickle charge a rechargeable flashlight.


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Why not just ride during day light hours?


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 Well, if you have to clear a building or something a flashlight would be useful..... I've done bike patrol, and we just wore it on our duty belts. 

Best of luck to you though, I hope you do well.

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