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training days

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Posted almost 5 years ago


So I think tonight I had THE most interesting training session ever at the MMA gym tonight. I got back into MMA last month and since I flunked out of Level II, I have a nice chunk of time to really devote myself to the sport. (and lost 3 lbs within two weeks)

First, it was warmup as usual. Shadow boxing, keeping arms up, etc. Then we were told we were  going to go for laps. Okay, cool, I'm assuming laps around the gym since were barefoot. But instead, we go out on the hot pavement and walk around the parking lot for 5-10 minutes.

Then we go inside a dinky little sauna. 14 people are squished into a sauna, the majority of them boys. I know it may sound nice to some females but let me tell you...sweaty boys in a hot sauna room is gross. Just NO.

But I had a really good time nonetheless!

In the meantime, I think a nice foot bath is in order!

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 MMA.....hmmm........Might have to think about that. Remind me not to get into a fight with you lol! 

Keep up the good work!

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