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Interested in railroad policing!

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Posted almost 5 years ago


Hello.  I was hoping to talk rairoad policing with anyone who's currently in this career field.  I am currently a certified and sworn LEO in the Chicago suburbs looking for a position in the Chicagoland area with a class I railroad.  I check the websites daily.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  I have a few questions if possible?  How long can this process take.  I have been in a process for 11 months and the job posting on the site still says open, but I have had no contact by e-mail or phone.  What type of training I should be doing if there is one type in this area better than another?  Ride alongs are there any in my area?  I've tried a few and been unsucessful.  Interviewing???  Off duty carry and out of state carry?  I know rail agencies are considered private law enforcement.  I know there are federal laws governing carry.  I was told during an interview for one agency that they discourage off duty carry.  Wondering what agencies are ok with off duty carry and out of state carry?  I know the revised version of HR218 covers Amtrak, will this cover all rail agencies anticipated in the future?  By federal law I know that there is a statute 49 USC Section 28101.  I somewhat know about the powers of most agencies for class I railroads, that they have interstate authority, power over the yards, employees of the company, and properties.  Thanks for any and all information in advance to this posting!!