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Hello from Oregon

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Posted almost 5 years ago


Hi there from Northwest Oregon!  My name is Mark and I currently work as a state law enforcement officer (not a trooper).  I joined PoliceLink to reach out to other law enforcement officers and offer up my handmade proucts.  

Currently, my work has me working in plain clothes routinely.  I and my colleagues were constantly having issues with out standard notebook covers and had no where to carry all of our quick reference materials, pens, and handcuff keys since we don't wear a uniform with a lot of pockets.  So a couple years ago I went home, dug an old sewing machine out of the closet, and went to work developing a solution.  A couple days later I had made a notebook cover that suited our needs perfectly.  

It began with just me using one that I made for myself.  Then my colleagues began to notice and begged me to make one for them.  To date i have made several notebook covers for friends and local law enforcement professionals.  They have been used in the field now for a long time and I have never had one come back for repairs.  I have also upgraded materials and purchased an industrial walking foot sewing machine which also ups quality and allows me to use even heavier threads.

My notebook covers are all made from heavy water resistant coated nylon, backed with polyurethane panels (for stiffness to write and flexibility when bent), and stiched together with #69 bonded nylon thread.

I can customize them with your agency's patch, name patch, or with features available with several models I already make.

You can find me here at Policelink anytime, or on facebook at

If you'd like to see what I have in stock and purchase directly checkout:

Aside from that, I am a cop first with experience that spans about an 11 year career.  If you have any questions feel free to hit me up!



I make custom field notebook covers! Check them out at:

Order at:

Or direct email:


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Welcome to PL from the midwest.