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Passed my ECT process now what?

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Posted almost 5 years ago


 Hi guys, 


I recently just finished the process for applying to become a ECT for an airport authority agnecy.  I had to take a written test (Jan '12) then I had to attend a oral interview(March '12) immediatly following a typing test.  I have been in this process since Nov '11.  I was recently informed that I passed my interview and that my name would be placed on the ECT register and as vacancies occur and the best qualified would be referred to the manager in rank order for consideration.  Now I'm getting sad because I was under the impression and told that they were looking to fill 7 slots immediately and the best qualified part really took me aback. It's ECT I and you only had to have atleast 2 years of customer service experience and type atleast 45wpm.   I really want this job and now I'm getting discourage so my questions is has this ever happened to any ECT/dispatchers out there that have went through similar situtations as a applicant.  ANY advice would greatly appreciated.