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Anyone a commissioned officer in Guard/Reserve?

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Posted almost 5 years ago


Anyone on this forum a commissioned officer in the National Guard or Army Reserve?

I'm a senior cadet in Army ROTC, graduating and commissioning in May, with a BA and the gold bars of a 2nd Lieutenant in the National Guard.

Naturally, I'm proud of this achievement and look forward to serving my country, but I'm trying to balance that with the need for a full time job and desire to continue serving as a citizen, not just a soldier.  So of course I gravitated towards being a police officer.

I'm in deep with the process - background checks, polygraphs, tests, tests, tests, and have heavily invested myself into the process.  Right now I have a BOLC (Army officer school) date set for the end of May 2013...but of course, there's always the possibility that if I get a job offer from a police department, I'll have to figure out how to balance the Army obligation, and having a job offer that I may not be able to get for several years.

I've known that law enforcement is a difficult field to get into, and this economy isn't helping, and the Army obligation is also putting a wrench into the works.  I'm proud to be getting that achievement, but also annoyed by the possibility that it could delay me and I'd end up getting stuck in some random hourly job (gotta take what you can get, and I'm a Chinese major, there's really not much out here for that field).  I don't want to seem like I'm complaining, I'm just afraid I'll end up stagnating at a young age and having it worse as I get older and never being able to get into law enforcement work.


Is there anyone out there who can provide some input, experience or advice?  Even enlisted people who had to go to basic/AIT, how did you reconcile that with the civilian police job?


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First congratulations on receiving your commission. I was a member (enlisted) of the Missouri Army National Guard when I was appointed as a police officer. The chief and our third in command liked the fact I was serving the community as a police officer and the State of Missouri. They were both members of the Marines prior to employment with the police department. My unit was activated twice during my enlistment and getting the time off was not a problem. Weekend meetings and summer camp was not a problem as it only involved a schedule change. Police agencies like military personnel. Best wishes in your quest for law enforcement employment and it should assist rather than hinder you. This will be discussed during your processing.

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Bump! Chief! Good luck with your endeavors!