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Where I live and work, sort of

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Posted about 5 years ago


Here is a link to the web cam on the Visitors Center here in Tombstone.  It gives to live, alternating feeds showing Allen St, where at one time there were 106 saloons at the same time!  Plus, there were several hundred prostitutes plying their trade in this town back in the earlly to mid 1880's, including the famous and very haunted Bird Cage Theater.


It will take a little bit to load, but it's fun to watch off and on. Don't expect much today as it's only 45 here with periodic rain and snow mixed.  Yes, it does snow in the desert, just doesn't stay long.


If you watch the cam at 2 and 4pm MST you might just see me standing or walking around the camera.  At 4pm I'll be the one carrying the very sawed off shotgun, double barral of course.


Greg, AKA Mayor John Clum, or Virgil Earp, depending on the day of the week.  :)