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Kwajalien Police Department-A Private Police Force

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Posted about 5 years ago


HEADS UP!!!  Alutiiq Global Soultions LLC, out of Huntsville Alabama (Alaska) has been posting on various POLICE WEB PAGES for "patrol officers"  with the Kwajalien Police Department which is located in the Marshall Islands-at the Ronald Reagan Missile Test Site (USAKA). Alutiiq is a PRIVATE CONTRACT COMPANY which hires people with POLICE TRAINING...(MP's, Sheriff, Police); after a "brief back ground check" THEY SHIP THEM OFF TO THIS REMOTE CHAIN OF ISLANDS. Recently, Alutiiq has LOST THE POLICE ASPECT of this contract. The US Army is bringing in Dept of Army Civilian Police Officers from the States to handle ALL POLICE DUTIES-THIS WILL TAKE PLACE ON APRIL 16, 2012! If Alutiiq says anything else- IT IS PROBABLY NOT TRUE! Be careful if you see this on any other web sites...this is NOT A POLICE DEPARTMENT IT IS A SECURITY COMPANY!


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