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Posted almost 5 years ago


Are there any plans on adding support for tapatalk to the forum. It is a great app for pretty much any smartphone. Makes it super easy to post, reply, upload. Lets you log in if necessary. Plus it gives me all my favorite forums in one place. Anyone else think this is a great idea?


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Looks interesting--but it looks like tapatalk requires work to adapt it to the PL forum software. Tapatalk works with several open-source and commercial forum packages, but PL's forum is a one-off custom piece of software. It is only used on a dozen or so forums (PoliceLink, FireLink, etc.) on Monster. Unless Monster scrapped the current program it uses on PL and installed one of these other commonly used packages it is unlikely to happen.

But I'm sure TheSarge will attempt to pass it up the chain--such as it is.

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