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I want to try Law Enforcement

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Posted about 5 years ago


 Hey all,

I would like to start out by saying I am not a LEO, nor involved with LE in any way. I am 23 years old and a senior in college. Law Enforcement has always been an interest of mine since as long as I could remember. Within the last few years I have been considering it heavily. My father was a police officer with the Philadelphia Police Department for 25 years, and is a strong influnce on me. I recently saw that the PPD and NYPD are accepting applications. Can't speak for NYPD, but in PPD these application periods are somewhat rare. I also saw that in Berk's Co. PA there are 18 departments that will be testing.

Here are my concerns:

1. I am still in college, and will probably graduate next winter.

2. I need to work on my fitness a bit to meet a few of the requirements (I have always hated running and I think the standard is a 1.5mi run)

3. I don't know fully if LE is a career for me.

4. I don't know if the hiring process will take too long

5. 17/18 Berk's Co. depts require Act 120 training prior to employment (not sure if Act 120 is a national thing, but in PA it is basic police officer training) Can a civilian attend an academy without a dept's employment?


Any help is greatly appreciated. I love big cities and would probably prefer to work in one.





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Contact that agency and ask those very questions of them and you shall have your answers.  Then do some ride alongs or an internship with an agency you are interested in applying for and then you can be getting in shape and experienceing a little bit of what it is like.  After you do all of thses things you will know for sure whether you want a career in LE.  Good luck in your endeavor, but stay in school and finish with your degree no matter what...


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Frank. I would be most concerned with item 3. Keep in mind holidays are just another work day with time spent away from family and loved ones. If married you may work opposite hours of your spouse. Your children willl have events and you more than likely will be pushing a patrol unit on the bricks. The list is endless. You need to do some deep soul searching. My recommendation is to schedule a ride a long and discuss in detail the points I have made. Also keep in mind call outs and overtime on a minutes notice. I sincerely wish you well.


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Have you made a decision regarding a future in LE?

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Schedule some ride alongs with different depts (that you may be applying at) or if possible, do an internship at a PD. Keep in mind law enforcement isn't for everyone.

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