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Posted about 5 years ago


 Recently, I got a bug and had the distinct honor of being able to lay in bed all day trying to keep my inerds, well ... in.  During that time I was able to watch several Netflix films.  

"Forks Over Knives"  - pushed a plant-based diet over a diet containing meat or milk.  What struck me was the way statistics are used to pursue a certain school of thought.  Such as, in Nazi-occupied Norway, the assertion that  the forced plant-based diet imposed resulted in a reduction of "heart disease deaths" since all animals were siezed to feed the German Army. (I guess "lead poisoning" is a prefered method of death).  

"FatHead" - is a response to "Super Size Me" (which I shut off 3/4 the way through because it was way too over-the-top rediculous).  It has some good information and perspective, but the filmmaker isn't quite as funny as he thinks.  He lives for a month on fast food (not just McD's) and looses 12 lbs, operating from the unique premis that you actually have a choice in what you eat.

"Food, Inc." - is an overview of food production, including physical production and business practices in the US.  There is a definite hippie-esque influence, but the information is really good and pretty balanced.  It's not a Vegan Push, for a change.  If anything will curbe your fast food urge, this is the one.

If any of you know of others, please let me know!

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