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As 2012 rings in, I gotta say thanks

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Posted about 5 years ago


So...instead of being the smart-aleck I usually am.....and putting Starbucks jokes aside (FOR ONCE), I'm going to be a bit sentimental here for a second.I really don't believe in New Years resolutions this year because I'm still in "training mode", aka still working out, still reading my books even though orientation for Level II doesn't start til late March. My biggest goal is still to be a police officer, whether it's a full-fledged LEO or even a Reserve Officer. So I've been sitting here, reminiscing and being all reflective in my thoughts and whatnot and all I have to say to all of you is:

thank you.

Thank you for creating a site for cop wannabes like me that want to know more abotu the field and talk to those in the field.

Thank you for the warm welcomes and the friendships I've built.

Thank you for being my rock and for seeing me through my trial and tribulations, especially in my personal life.

Even if I'm on/off on here, I freaking love you all!

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Adrie, you are most welcome.  You need to (however) get rid of the term "wannabe" from your vocabulary and start using the term, "GONNABE" meaning that you are not going through the academy to want to be a police officer.  Rather, you are going through all of this because you are going to be one.  So as 2012 rings in for you......... KEEP MOVING FORAWARD AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!!!!!!


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Great to give Starbucks a rest, AdrieK.  Sign of maturity.

You will reach your goal. 

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Adrie, good luck to you in 2012. I'm sure you will achieve all your goals.


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Thank YOU, Adrie!!!  Wish you all of the very best in your continued endeavors!!!!

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