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Keeping kids on the right track

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Posted about 5 years ago


I was wondering what types of programs are being used now to keep young kids on the right track.  I have been retired for over 10 years and as I recall, before I retired they had the DARE program.   When I was a juvenile, the County Police where I lived had a thing called the Police Boys Club.  

I know that our agency now has a fishing camp where Officers take groups of young folks fishing not only at local ponds but out of boats.  They also have cookouts and other activities.  They even hosted a CSI camp where they had young folks attend a class at the Department and had them learn to roll and lift prints, take crime scene photos, collect evidence and all sorts of stuff.  The kids really seemed to enjoy it.

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I think having those types of programs are great in communities. I know  where I am at DARE has been fazed out and now so are others due to economical reasons and understaffed departments. I think this a crucial time to be implementing and maintaining programs for youth and I am not seeing it so much here. Hopefully, if and when we see a turn in the economy and political mayhem we have going on, programs will be put back in motion.


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Last year, I was recruited to be part of the Juvenile Justice Commission's new mentor program. My partner and I were sort of the "guinea pigs" to see how it would work. We'd go in once or twice a week, talk to the kids, help them do resumes/applications, and do projects to humble them (do cards for soldiers, hospitals, etc)

Problem though is that the majority of juveniles in the facility are boys and we have so few little girls. I have personally spoken one-on-one to a few girls and just tried to be a good role model and brought them resources on school, jobs, etc and just hoped to God something sparked in their brain within on of my lectures.

Problem is you can provide a juvenile with a TON of info and resources but it's up to them to separate themselves from their "old crew" and to start new and not be influenced by the negativity. Another problem is a lot of them would rather get high and in today's generation, many kids have that attitude that the world owes them. (not just kids but adults too)

I'm prettu sure the local schools here have the DARE program, at least, they did when I was in school. They also have drunk-driving awareness programs at high schools (they stage a "death scene" with some students to show everyone the consquences of drinking and driving)

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