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Wanted!! Patches!!

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I'm looking for patches from cities near, or at, places I've been stationed when in the military. I'd like to get patches for Oceanside, CA, Columbia, SC, and Yuma, AZ.

I've also been hoping someone can offer advice on getting patches for overseas departments/agencies for those places as well...

(Hanau, West Germany; Osan, Okinawa, Japan; Gladstone, Queensland, Australia)

If anyone can help or will trade, my email is: I'll also check back here occasionaly to look for replies.

I am an active officer with patches to trade, but I'd like to concentrate on those patches, first, you know?

I'd also thought about a "theme" patch board: a 4x8 1/4 plywood/paneling board with the US outline with state capitol municipal department patches affixed. This idea came to when visiting DC and I traded for one of their muni patches. Any opinions on that?