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Popping In To Say Hi

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Posted over 5 years ago


Hi everyone,


I hope you all had a safe and relatively uneventful Halloween.  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I love the way the house smells when there is a turkey in the oven!


The grandkids went trick-or-treating and brought home all kinds of goodies.  I made sure they shared some with grandma LOL.

The lady I take care of in the evening lives at the apartments we manage and she only had 1 dracula show up.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Jackie sitting in the living room when I pulled up on my bicycle.  There is like a 2 hour time span from when my daughter "clocks out" till I show up.  Jackie has more medical conditions than Carter has pills, one of which is that she weighs over 300 lbs (although she was over 400 at one time.  So, she doesn't get up and sitting in the living room very much.  Fortunately, my daughter (who is a rather firm but fair sort, unlike me who is lacking in the ascertive department) has been making Jackie get up and get her own ice and also due to some of her medical conditions improving has removed her "potty chair" and now is back in the bathroom (halleluja!).  I sure hope when I start falling apart I do it quickly!


So that is about all that is new on my home front.   Oh no one more apple tree put out the most delicious cooking apples.  Not so good for eating as they come off the tree. I don't know what kind they are.  They are green and have a dry characteristic when you eat them raw.  I don't think they are granny smith ...they might be pippin.  But they make killer apple pie and cobbler!


Ok you all look forward to hearing about how you all are doing.  Take care and be safe.




P.S.  Do you have a spot in the forum for posting you tube stuff?  Like funny, or musical things?


Gee Whiz I forgot the biggest piece of news.  My 15 yr old grandaughter's dog had 14 puppies.  One didn't make it but wowowo.  Octomom has nothing on this dog.  I just pray she *grandaughter* gets her *the dog* spayed now.


ok ttfn