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"Fact Or Faked" TV Show Videos Another UFO

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Posted over 5 years ago


If you have not seen this show on  Sci-Fi Channel, the "Fact Or Faked" Paranormal Series is a team of scientists and experts run by former FBI agent Ben Hansen which looks into reports of ghosts, Ufo's, creatures and other famous sightings and incidents.  In Season one, they filmed a large flying triangle in or around Phoenix.

On last night's show, they did it again while investigating Area 51.  Austin (stunt expert) and Jael (photojournalist) are at 'Campfire Hill' about 15 miles from the base while Ben is solo upon 'Tikaboo Peak' about 25 miles away.  Both teams are using FLIR and night vision cameras.  All of a sudden, the lights come on for a few seconds at the base, and an unknown object streaks across the sky at incredible speed, then the lights go dark at the base again.  Ben states he does not see this object land, and there is no noise or sonic boom.  Back at their office HQ, a review by Bill (scientist) and the others reveal this may not be a meteor, as first thought.

See it for yourself, cut and paste this link, then start it at 6:00 minutes in: