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Please help a disgarded K-9, Boris

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Posted over 5 years ago


This is to all LEOs who are K-9 handlers, or who have room for a retired K-9.  He is 10 years old and I can't imagine how he was just dumped into a rescue group after years of faithful service to the New Orleans P.D.  The link to see Boris is below, and thank you to all of my fellow LEO's who will try to help this retired officer.

This is just a load!!! The computer will not allow me to post the site to Boris.  So please go to petfinder and look for pet # 1892893 .  If that doesn't work, contact me and I can send the link  to your inbox.  Thanks to all.


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Thanks for posting this, Bill.  Sure hope Boris finds a loving home willing to accept him with his problems. He is beautiful (handsome).  

Is Boris still with his owner/handler or has he been given over to this animal group?

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Unfortunately Im waiting on a delivery of a new Laptop, so I can't surf as fast or as easy as I would like~this connection is too slow, signal strength is low. On a good note, rescue is my middle name, and Know many ppl who rescue as well as K9 handlers I share "the house" with. (NJSP)
I should have my Laptop by Monday and forward this info onto The handlers at the stadium when their not busy this Sunday. My area of supervision is ironically right above the area where our K9's are housed for the event. I hope the OP can keeps us posted and does some cross posting on other LE sites. Encourage friends to do the same. Nothing is more satisfying then a Happy TAIL of a deserving four legged friend in a FUR-ever home. Dfrost might have some great suggestions as I believe he is familiar with your area and pos even affiliated with SARS Dogs and a handler for many many years. He gives excellent advice and a powerhouse of knowledge when it has anything to do with K9's-Sorta like me (winks) :P