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Chaplain Training

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Posted over 5 years ago


I have a question for Police/Fire/EMS chaplains. What kind of training to you do both with and outside your agencies to stay updated and better support your departments? 


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Sorry that this post is so late. I have been off the grid about this long.

There are many ways to get training:

1. IFOC. org gives a week long class on Chapliancy with Certification and something more with membership...Insurance.

2. Their is the Critical Incident Stress management Organization out of Baltimore that given certifying along with continuing education. IFOC also follows their progam with their instructors.

3. Do your own classes by Volunteer Hospice Tng site and Suicide Prevention site tng.

These are some good starting points and I hope this will get you started in a good direction.

God Bless
The father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
Be with you always.
Go In Peace and Serve with Love


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 Thanks! I don't come here as often as I used too, and for some reason, I didn't get the notification.

I'll check those out. I've got a couple of classes schedulec through the state (Ohio) right now, Critical Incident, and one later for Active Shooter. Budgets are tight and we are only looking at free stuff right now.