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Poll: Honoring our fallen Brothers

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Poll: Would you support a memorial in your area?


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Metro, LAPD does it right honoring their fallen Officers and we can be proud and grateful for what they have done and are doing for them. I remember in Columbia SC at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, (Where ALL SC Police Officers, Deputies, and State Troopers must attend classes and graduate must go), there is a Memorial Building with the names, ranks, Date of death, and Department they worked for under the name and image of each Officer that has been killed in the line of duty in SC. This is a place ALL Officers and potential Officers should visit in quite completation about the dangers of the job and to honor those who went before them.

     Without a doubt there should always be a place in every city, town, or village where certain people who have lost their life in the service of their nation or community should be noted on a memorial placed in a prominante place of honor. These would include the death of Servicemen/women killed while in the service of their nation AND Police Officers and Firemen who have also lost their lives in the line of duty. You can even include our EMTs/ParaMedics if it happens to include any of them.

     I hope that everyone has noted that I always say "those who have lost their lives" and not "those who gave their lives". None of those honored "GAVE" their lives. It was taken from them by evil people or circumstances and never simply given. You may 'take' my life and indeed I almost lost my life in the line of duty but I certainly never 'gave' it or even came close. You want it, you are damn well going to have to take it from me! I now it is just words and a way of some folks saying it but words have meaning and anyone who simply 'gave' their life makes it sound cheap and like it wasn't worth much so it was simply 'given' away. Their lives were very important to me and I honor them.